Virtual VBS 2020

We are excited for our week of VVBS on July 20-24! In Concrete & Cranes™ we will experience fun and foundational truth to help us build our lives on Jesus. You can expect silly skits, fun crafts, exciting themed songs, helpful bible lessons, and a few surprises along the way! Each VVBS video will go live at noon each day on our YouTube channel at

How can I prepare?

Pick up your parent packet of VVBS craft supplies and other helpful information by swinging by the church on Sunday, July 19 from 3:00-4:00 PM. If that time doesn't work for you, you can pick up your parent packet in the tote under the awning whenever it's most convenient for you.

Register your child so we know who attends. You can


Bookmark and subscribe to our YouTube Channel before VVBS starts. The video for each day (Monday - Friday) will go live at noon on that day. If you can't join in right at noon, the video will remain on our Channel for you to watch later. Our YouTube Channel can be found at

What can I expect?

Each day will involve an online video that will go live at noon. Each video includes a welcome skit, craft time, music video, bible lesson, and a farewell. Most videos will last between 20-30 minutes. 

Although Viritual VBS is very different than what we are used to, there will be familiar aspects our fellowship kids will remember. We will have recognizable guests, penny war competitions, common bible themes, and fun ways to earn points! 

How do the kids earn points?

This exciting week is filled with ways to earn points. Each day you can fill out the online form below that will be added to the points earned by others on your team. The winning team will be revealed on Sunday, July 26 at our 9:00 AM in-person service and 10:30 AM in-person and live-streamed service. 

BULLDOZER TEAM - Kindergarten, 2nd, 4th, 6th Grades

CRANE TEAM - Pre-K, 1st, 3rd, 5th Grades

Daily points you can earn:

  • Watch the daily video - 500 POINTS!
  • Do the daily craft - 500 POINTS!
  • Say the daily verse to an adult - 1,000 POINTS!

You can also earn bonus points in two ways:

  • Send the weekly verse to - 2,000 BONUS POINTS
  • The team who wins the week's penny war - 25,000 BONUS POINTS


Penny war?

We know about the coin shortage, but hope our families will get behind our efforts to bless another ministry like we do each year. If you have coins, great! If not, getting creative in how you give will be great too. All funds that come through our penny war will benefit helping babies and families through Pregnancy Choices - our local pregnancy care center that helps moms and dads in hard situations.

You can bring your gifts to the church between 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Monday through Friday. 

Be sure to put it in the proper bucket under the awning. Team breakdowns are by grades as detailed above in the points section. The team that gives the most will be awarded an extra 25,000 bonus points in our Bulldozers verse Cranes competition! 

What if I have more questions?

As always, our staff would love to help how we can. Feel free to call the church office at (812) 847-2548 or email our Family Pastor, Bobby, at

We are looking forward to a great week of online fun and learning. Thanks for joining us!