How can we pray for you?

Welcome to Fellowship's prayer page! You are welcome to submit a request that our faith family can pray for, write an anonymous prayer, share a request with our staff, or pray for others on this page. The submitted requests can be found below the submission form. 

Prayer Wall

Here are the prayers most recently submitted. Thank you for partnering with our faith family! Please click the "praying hands" next to the request when you have prayed for that request, so we can keep track of those who are being prayed for.  


Pastor Jason Sipes, his wife, and two of his children are very ill with Covid-19.


Dave Elliott is in the hospital in Indianapolis with complications from cancer. He is to have a liver biopsy done today; however, the medical team needs to increase his platelet count before they can do the biopsy. Patty is only allowed with him at this time due to COVID procedures. Please remember Dave, his family, and the medical team in prayer.


Please pray for my sister and brother-in-law (Debbie and Mark) and their kids. They tested positive for Coronavirus this week.


My oldest niece, Brandy Pattison, just found out she has uterine cancer. Please keep her lifted in prayer doing this difficult journey.


Please pray for two requests: Heather Reeves was in a car wreck and life-lined to Indy with life-threatening injuries. Brandon Helms was by a welder that exploded, breaking his hand and burning his upper chest and face. He was life-lined to Indy as well.