How can we pray for you?

Welcome to Fellowship's prayer page! You are welcome to submit a request that our faith family can pray for, write an anonymous prayer, share a request with our staff, or pray for others on this page. The submitted requests can be found below the submission form. 

Prayer Wall

Here are the prayers most recently submitted. Thank you for partnering with our faith family! Please click the "praying hands" next to the request when you have prayed for that request, so we can keep track of those who are being prayed for.  


Please pray for Rob’s mom, Lorene Frank. She is in Glenburn and declining each day. Most days she doesn’t get out of bed. She is now having trouble eating. It is terrible that we can’t be with her. Her nurses feel that she has given up.


Please pray for Dave Elliott. He is very weak and not expected to live much longer in his current condition. Please pray for his family also, as they navigate this very difficult time.


Please pray for my (Luanne's) health problems


Please pray for my mother while we are on vacation she had a slight stroke and could not stay by herself and was put in Nursing home until we can get back to bring her home. She is also fighting terminal cancer.


Randy and Rita Burks' great-granddaughter, Stella, has COVID and is in the hospital. They are also checking her for other complications. Please pray for her, her family, and her medical team!