Our Purpose:

We exist to glorify God by making spiritually and relationally healthy disciples!

As a local congregation, we strive to glorify God in all we do. Together in our gatherings and separate in our community contexts, we intentionally emphasize the grace of God extended to us through the gospel. We do this through emphasizing:

        1. Gospel-centered Worship

        2. Gospel-centered Transformation

        3. Gospel-centered Relationships

        4. Gospel-centered Service

        5. Gospel-centered Outreach

At the center of it all is the gospel!

The truth that God extends His righteousness to the unrighteous through faith in Christ's life, death, and resurrection changes everything! The gospel changes our worldview and the way we progress through the Christian life. As we study, apply, and live out the truths of God's Word, the gospel continually molds our worship, spiritual transformation, relationships, service, and outreach. The gospel of Jesus Christ is the why that formulates the what of our faith family.

Gospel-centered Worship

The heart cannot love what the mind does not know, which is why our worship of God is grounded in treasuring His Word. As we diligently study the Bible to know Him greater, our knowledge of God overflows into praise to Him for who He is and what He has done. Worship involves every affection, attitude, and action because they ascribe worth to what we value. When we gather together, and when we don't, God alone is the focus of our worship.

Gospel-centered Transformation

Slowing down sufficiently for the will and presence of God to fill our lives doesn't happen naturally. We intentionally embrace our limitations and strive to allow the rhythms of our lives to reflect the grace and goodness of God. Centering our hearts and schedules on the gospel transforms the way we pray, rest, relate to others, and work. Although perfection is not a reality on this side of heaven, progressive growth is a result of a life impacted by the gospel daily. 

Gospel-centered Relationships

The Christian faith is not intended to be lived in isolation, but in community with other believers. Our affections leak, so our gatherings remind us of our mutual love for God. The local church is not something we attend but a people to whom we belong, and as we get together, we do so with mutual love, grace, consistency, and authenticity. Our care for one another is an overflow of Christ's care for us through the gospel.

Gospel-centered Service

The church thrives when the body ministers to the body. Embracing the grace of God to us individually through the gospel, we extend grace through humility, generosity, and hospitality. We do not spectate, but wholly participate by using the gifts God has given us for the building of our church family and the glory of God! One way our salvation shows itself is through how we serve others. 

Gospel-centered Outreach

As disciples, our mission is to make God known wherever we are and wherever we go. God providentially directs our lives; therefore, we live with intention in all we pursue. From interacting in our everyday relationships, to missional outreach opportunities both locally and abroad, meaningful purpose infuses our lives. Sharing the good news of the gospel through tangible ways is how we live our lives on mission. 

Our Fellowship Family:

a story of God's amazing grace.

Fellowship is not a place or a building, but a group of people intentionally living lives that please the Lord. We are far from perfect, but rejoice in the change God is making in our hearts and lives. 

Our story is growing as our group is multiplying and we give God the glory for what He is doing in our midst.